“They Came in Like A Wrecking Ball”

Best Builder in The South, aka my honey, Richard, with the fabulous Michael Z and his assistant getting ready to rock and roll!

Now the real demo begins as the framers enter the picture. Had to wait on them before we tore any walls out so they could keep everything supported properly. Filled up that 30 cu yd dumpster about 3 times with old lumber, doors and windows, roofing, old satellite dishes,etc. We’re repurposing everything that will work with the new design although it’s not too much…gotta save a few $$$ wherever we can…YIKES! When your contractor has the mindset and the subs that build million dollar custom homes you gotta bring them back down to earth. Usually that’s Richards job with me so this is a real role reversal we’re experiencing here.

Closing up the foyer cause the dining room is now a part of the kitchen
Whoa… Hope it doesn’t rain! Roof and back wall of the living area are gone. But see we saved that great little brick fireplace.
So now the kitchen, great room and sunroom are all one open concept design. We were able to take the 8 ft ceilings to an 11 ft vault…that’s one of the reasons we wanted a ranch plan.

Front elevation starting to take shape as the roofline was raised for the vault. Hard to see in this photo but we’re adding box bays on the 2 front porch windows which will be in Richards office and the kitchen.

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