“Demo” Phase 1 – You Never Know What’s Behind Those Walls!

Who doesn’t love Demo Day? Our man Oscar (he’s worked for us for about 20 years) and his amigos got rockin early Friday after our Sip & See. I’m pretty sure that there will be an influx of light fixtures, fans, cabinets, etc. crossing the Mexico border any day now. Richard had carefully marked the walls that were staying and those coming down. Our most fun surprise was discovering the original tile flooring and wallpaper after removing a cabinet in the guest bath. It was a step back in time for sure… classic 70’s!! Our most worrisome find was discovering MASSIVE termite damage in the exterior walls of the sunroom. Fortunately that wall was a goner but left us wondering how the rest of the exterior walls that were staying would fare. Our termite company inspected and didn’t find evidence of any additional issues and agreed to come out to pre-treat the new slab for the addition just to be safe. A quick PSA (that’s public service announcement)…keep your termite REPAIR AND RETREAT bond in force…this is Georgia and termites love this place! We’d had a ton of rain but it looked like snow in there once some of the sheetrock ceilings came down. These guys only took the sheetrock off the ceilings and walls as we had to wait on the framers to remove walls but we could already see the promise!!!! Thank you Oscar…we love you man!

Does this take you back? Actually the floor tile IS BACK!
What would we do without you Oscar?

Guess the little tiny kitchen used to be red
You could stick your finger through this wall…YIKES!
These will become someones treasures…works for me!

First honors to you Richard!
I helped but had to ice the right shoulder
Snowing in the kitchen
Proud Papa
View from the kitchen, through the dining room to the front door

1 thought on ““Demo” Phase 1 – You Never Know What’s Behind Those Walls!

  1. Looking good!!


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