Got some catching up to do but a big Thank You first!

Well I’m clearly way behind on this blog thing. Was my last blog post really in February?Did I mention I was a Realtor? I’ve been super busy with work as the spring market hits Atlanta way before the leaves pop out. I’m not saying I’m not still crazy busy but I’m committed to this blog thing and gotta catch up.

I admit I was frustrated because I did a video of the house framed up and ready for mechanicals but I couldn’t get it to post so I just stopped posting. I’ll just have to stick with photos and move on.

But before I move on I have to give credit where credit is due. Richard and I had some challenges with the existing floor plan but we knew who we wanted to help us work through the details to get to our ultimate goal…and that was Tim Bryan of Bryan Residential Planning Company in Milton. Tim exceeded our wildest dreams with his extraordinary vision. He carefully listened to our needs, wants and concerns and just absolutely nailed it! He has an amazing ability to look at a design without boundaries or limitations and take it to the next level. We could not been happier with the design he did for us! We highly recommend Tim for your new construction and renovation needs!

We eliminated a long and narrow hallway off the foyer, incorporated the existing dining room into the kitchen, added on a very nice master bath and closet and expanded the laundry and shop areas… an expanded laundry/mudroom area for me and an extended shop for “you know who” who’s really struggling with not having a basement. Well we are both getting used to that notion but we know its the way to go and we got this!!!

We had to dodge all the rainy winter but got the new roof on I’ll be back with you in a few!

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