There Goes Our Beautiful Yard😭😭😭

This could have easily taken the prize for “Yard of The Month” until we got a hold of it!

Since we’re adding the new master bath on the back we had to connect to the existing sewer line. They had to limb up two of our beautiful magnolia trees in the front to get equipment in for the grading. And they pulled up a couple azaleas…we put them in the back yard and hope they survive.

Oh these photos really make me ill but it’s going to be fantastic when we’re done 😭😀. We’re doing a screened porch on the existing flagstone patio. Super excited about that!

Well a girls gotta have a nice bathroom and some closet space!

Richard loves this part of construction…movin the dirt! He’s a pro at making sure the drainage is right and with this super flat lot that’s really key. Well he does have his degree in civil engineering from Tech!

This phase has really slowed us down with rain and super cold temps but we now have all the plumbing in for the bath addition and ready to pour the slabs and start framing the additions later this week.

Now this is getting serious… I need to start making some design decisions🤔

What’s your favorite site for inspiration… Houzz or Pinterest?

1 thought on “There Goes Our Beautiful Yard😭😭😭

  1. Love your blog and seeing the transformation taking place! It always gets worse before it gets better – but it’s so worth it and it’s going to be Fabulous!
    Keep up the great work!


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