This is How it Was

Did I say ‘Love at First Sight”? Yes I did and it was. During our 30 minute viewing we could easily tell that this home had been well cared for. We almost felt bad knowing that we were going to completely erase the love and attention that it had received. But it was oh so 70’s! I’m pretty sure the kitchen was original as the owners told us they were always planning to renovate in there but just never got to it. They had redone the 2 bathrooms and to most they would have been just fine…but to a builder and a Realtor not so much. It had hardwood floors in the living areas but they had that funny hollow sound when you walked on them…you’ve heard that before I’m sure.  We loved that sunroom that had been added on the back even though it wasn’t conditioned space but it gave us the room under roof that would work perfectly for what we had in mind. The secondary bedrooms were tiny and it had a large living room (who needs that) and a separate dining room…I mean really that’s just wasted space in my book. Generally the plan was just choppy as you would expect for a home built in 1973. We loved that front door and the porch lights and knew we would have to find a way to repurpose them…we know something good when we see it. Yes, that also applies to the white brick fireplace…don’t touch that!  We’re not completely heartless!! And that yard…now that’s what we’ve been looking for! Room for our 3 pups, room for a veggie garden and yes, I could finally plant some Hydrangeas and Peonies. 

LOVE the front door!
Living Room

Den…that’s what it was called back then
Dining Room


Master Bath
Patio aka Future Screened Porch
Back Yard

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